Ventsislav Videlov

My name is Ventsi, I am 22 years old and I studied Ba(Hons) Architecture at the University of Kent. I currently work as an Architectural Assistant in Plovdiv. Lydia was recommended to me by my previous English teachers as the next step in my development as an English speaker. At the time I was not expecting more than English lessons. However, I found myself becoming a part of an engaging community of ambitious young people.

My getting an offer from a British university was to a great extent thanks to Lydia’s help. She helped me by providing me with her experience, which proved to be very useful even when it comes to the most competitive universities. One of the schools of Architecture I was applying to was Cambridge, where I made it to the interview stages with a lot of hard work, and I believe thanks to Lydia’s guidance.

Lydia is a rigorous teacher, and she always ensures to make any learning resources available to her students, including past exam papers, books from her personal library, handouts and most importantly, ideas. I feel my English improved thanks to being fed more advanced materials and being challenged to do a lot of work. A big portion of Lydia’s lessons were in the form of a discussion, and it was very engaging to think about various topics and express our opinions in English. I feel that my speaking skills improved, and I became quicker at thinking in English.

Many young people who are about to finish high school are looking for their next step in life and are unsure of what they want to do. Lydia’s classes are a place where one can meet ambitious peers, get inspired and get ideas. It is surely the place, which for many is the kick-starter of the mental process of thinking of an academic and professional career. I enjoyed Lydia’s lessons because I got to go to a place, hang out with friends, discuss interesting topics in English and talk about what everyone wanted to do in life. This was very interesting.

Lydia herself is a great person. Her knowledge of English, work ethic and the care she puts into her work with her students are all very inspiring. Lydia is easy to talk to and relatable. For me personally she was a tad intimidating at first, but her subtle and unique sense of humor made me feel comfortable working with her very quickly. I feel she is responsible for turning her English school into a community, a great recourse of information and experience, coming from her past students, who live study and work all over the English-speaking world.


Ba(Hons) Architecture, University of Kent