Study English

 Test preparation

My students usually prepare for application to European and US universities and take standardized test in English as a foreign language as well as other tests administered in English – IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge CAE / CPE, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, etc.

High levels of English

The main goal of the Cooledge program is to prepare students for academic work in English – not only to receive excellent test scores but also to be able to cope with extensive reading and writing on complex topics related to their future academic work and career, to listen to university lectures and converse with other students and professors, many of whom might be native speakers.

Many students will later prepare for much harder tests in English to apply to graduate and postgraduate programs or work for demanding employers. It is not enough for applicants to selective universities to be able to watch movies without subtitles, read young adult fiction or articles on healthy lifestyle or about their favourite celebrities. It is not enough to be coping with high school English textbooks. In order to be successful citizens of a globalizing world, they need to be able to express their thoughts in English which does not sound like literal translation from their mother tongue. Here is why they need much more than new vocabulary and passing test scores.

How we prepare

Communication between student and teacher is in English. We read texts at a higher level than those in high school textbooks – from test preparation materials, books, articles. Students write essays to prepare for the specific essay formats required by the tests they are planning to take.

We discuss a variety of topics from various fields – 1) writing and speaking test topics; 2) topics on higher education, especially with applicants for undergraduate programs as they often need guidance in choosing universities and majors; 3) topics on career development, etc.

Learn how to learn English

Every person can learn a foreign language, but people often struggle more than they need to and learn less than they are capable of. Regular work is important, but it is even more important to engage in really useful and effective activities. Cooledge English classes encourage students to focus on what will really help them advance and to unlearn what does not lead to success.